Dr Eoin Mc Donnell

Dr Eoin Mc Donnell did his undergraduate medical training and post-graduate GP training in Ireland, followed by a Masters in Sport Medicine.

He worked as a GP in Ireland for several years before moving to Australia in 2012. He has worked in the Port Kennedy area since then before establishing Core Medical in 2016.

Dr McDonnell is passionate about disease prevention, chronic disease management, anti-ageing and metabolic medicine and hormone restoration. He is also passionate about skin and cosmetic medicine and has done extensive training in skin cancer medicine and cosmetic skin treatments including dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers, skin peels and laser therapy. He is very excited to have brought the Picosure Laser and Sculpsure Laser to Port Kennedy and to be able to offer it to patients for skin treatments, laser tattoo removaland permanent fat reduction.

He is currently undertaking a Fellowship in Metabolic and Anti-Ageing Medicine

Dr John Iyamu

Dr John Iyamu comes to us from the UK where he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate medical training, followed by GP training. He then went on to be a successful practice owner and principal GP before moving to Australia in 2016. Dr Iyamu is passionate about all areas of medicine and general practice, in particular chronic disease management such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and geriatrics.

Dr Paul Ellis

Dr Paul Ellis is originally from the UK and has worked in Australia for over 15 years. Dr Ellis has extensive expertise in all areas of acute and chronic medical problems and mental health issues. Dr Ellis has a Masters in Sports Medicine and has a special interest in musculoskeletal injuries and back problems. He specialises and is very successful in using Acupuncture to treat a range of muscle and joint problems.

Dr Richard Pertwee

Dr Pertwee is a very experienced GP having a special interest in Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes, and Dementia, having previously worked as a GP Specialist in Dementia. He also has an interest in laser tattoo removal using Picosure™ laser tattoo removal and laser fat reduction using Sculpsure™ laser permanent fat reduction.

Dr Natasha Gilchrist

Dr Gilchrist comes to use with years of experience as a GP and has a special interest in Sports Medicine, Acupuncture, Women's Health and Cosmetic Medicine including anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. She also performs Picosure™ laser tattoo removal and Sculpsure™ laser permanent fat reduction

She is trained in Implanon™ and Mirena™ insertion and removal.

Dr Jane Cooper

Dr Cooper joined us in February 2017 from the UK and is working full time in Core Medical. She has a special interest in Women's Health, Elderly Care, Asthma and other chronic lung conditions such as emphysema (COPD).

Dr Clare Cook

Dr Cook worked as a combat medic in the British army for 6 years prior to returning home to Cardiff to study Medicine. Dr. Cook completed her medical degree in 2010 then specialised in General Practice, and has undertaken further specialist training in cosmetic medicine; obstetrics and gynaecology; family planning and sexual health, with special interests in women's health, paediatrics, palliative care and cosmetic medicine.

Dr Cook is trained in Implanon and Mirena coil insertion and removal.

Dr Philip Hulme

Dr Hulme hails from Scotland and graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 1996. After years of training in hospitals and general practice he became a practice partner in 2001 and was involved in teaching GP registrars and medical students. In 2017 Dr Hulme moved to Western Australia to work in Core Medical and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. His particular areas of interest are chronic disease management, occupational medicine and minor surgery.

KC Seow - Physiotherapist

Graduated from Curtin University in 2015, KC is passionate about the benefits and differences he can make to his clients’ well-being. He has previously worked in private practice, managing and treating predominantly musculoskeletal conditions, chronic diseases and chronic pain. KC has assisted in the recovery of sporting injuries, surgical rehabilitation, neck, back pain and many other conditions.

KC assesses each client individually in his private treatment room and utilizes different types of treatment methods to obtain the best outcome in the shortest possible time. These may include a combination of hands on manual therapy, dry needling, exercise prescription etc.

KC has an interest in conditions of the spine, movement dysfunctions and gymnastic based injuries. However, he also has the knowledge to treat other musculoskeletal or sporting injuries.

Read more on our physiotherapy services here

Practice Nurses - Nola, Amber, Nicole , Irene & Chloe

Amber & Nola are very experienced registered nurses and bring a wealth of knowledge to our treatment room. Nicole & Irene are our new graduate nurses who are friendly, efficient and enthusiastic. They will be involved in your holistic care, chronic disease management and will quickly triage you if you are unwell and need prompt attention. They are fantastic with children and will make your child's trip to the doctor as enjoyable as possible.

Practice Manager - Marta

Marta works both front of practice and behind the scenes and is an integral part to the smooth running of the practice. She has over 20 years experience in medical administration and management and is one of the main reasons why Core Medical works efficiently and smoothly.

Reception Manager- Jeannie

Jeannie has extensive experience working in administration and management roles in medical practices. She oversees the daily operation of the practice and ensures efficient processes and protocols are put in place.

Receptionists - Leanne, Maya, Rachel, Jessica & Linnea

All of our front of house staff bring a warm smile and a laugh to our waiting room. They are always available to answer any queries or help in any way they can either in person or on the phone.

Ashlee - Occupational Health Technician

Ashlee works as our Occupational Health Technician, being a key person in our Occupational Health team. She is responsible for carrying out important parts of pre-employment medicals such as Drug & Alcohol Screening, Audiometry, Spirometry, ECGs and baseline measurements. She performs Audiometry and Drug and Alcohol Screening.

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