Fees & Billing

Core Medical is a bulk-billing practice for all patients with a valid medicare or DVA card. This means all standard medicare-rebatable consultations are free.

We are aiming to bring quality and comprehensiveness to our clinic, therefore our standard consult time is 15- 20 minutes, depending on the doctor you see. If you think you will require less or more time than this, please advise the reception staff at booking and they will adjust your consult time accordingly.

Certain consultations will attract a private fee for all patients e.g. driving licence medicals, employment medicals etc. Please check with reception at the time of booking.

For procedures and dressings, a procedure room fee or dressing fee will apply.

Standard consultation fees for patients without Medicare

For patients who do not have Medicare, or visitors from overseas, the following private fees apply.

Standard consult (5-20 minutes) - $70
Long consult (20-40 minutes) - $105
Prolonged consult (over 40 minutes) - $138

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